Industry Advisory Board

The Illinois School Nutrition Association, through its Executive Board members, approved renewals and new industry appointments to the Association's Industry Advisory Board:

  • Mattie Horwitch, Chair, Donovan Food Brokerage
  • PJ Lamb, Co-Chair, PB&J Commercial Agents, Inc.
  • Tom Markett, Co-Chair, Apple and Eve
  • Christina Barker, Imperial Range
  • Peter Bergman, Pacific Coast Marketing
  • Mike Burke, Vulcan FEG
  • Marlon Gordon, MealViewer
  • Dave Hackman, JTM Food Group
  • Selena King, Midwest Dairy
  • Jeanine Lopez, Gordon Food Service
  • Allen Maeder, Edge Associates, Inc.
  • Michele McGowan, National Food Group
  • Betsy Nagel, KeyImpact
  • Brenda Nagel-Cano, Waypoint
  • Cheryl Pratt, Tyson
  • Dean Psyhogios, General Mills
  • Dana Saverino, S.A. Piazza
  • Gail Sulla, Affinity Group Food Marketing
  • Jesse Uppinghouse, Kohl Wholesale

The Industry Advisory Board is a two-year commitment from Industry to be a part of the Association's leadership and help drive strategic goals of the Association.